The test is designed to measure the candidate's ability to think systematically, to use the verbal and mathematical skills and to assess his/her aptitude for admission into MBA/MCA programme. The Test emphasizes accuracy. Therefore, the candidate is required to go through the instructions carefully. This is an objective type test and the questions are of multiple choice. Out of the given options, the candidate has to choose the correct answer. If the Candidate gives more than one answer to any question, such answers will be ignored while awarding marks.

PATTERN OF THE TEST: The test consists of 100 questions of one mark each in the following topics.

No. of Questions Duration of The Test : 1 1/2 Hours (90 minutes)
Section-A: Analytical Ability
(i)  Data Sufficiency 10
(ii)  Problem Solving 25
Section-B: Mathematical Ability
(i)  Arithmetical Ability 20
(ii)  Algebraical and Geometrical Ability 15
(iii)  Statistical Ability 5
Section-c: Communication Ability
(i)    Vocabulary 5
(ii)    Business and Computer Terminology 5
(iii)   Functional Grammar 5
(iV)  Reading Comprehension 10
Total 100